New updates and improvements to Natively

  1. v2.0 (SDK 3) Natively Reborn!

    New Feature


    - New interface

    - New pricing

    - New documentation

    - New preview app

    Native features:

    - In-App Purchases (with RevenueCat)

    - Native Contacts (Fetch all or create a new one)

    - JavaScript SDK (Integrate Natively native feature’s with any website)

    - Screen orientation control (Lock/Unlock screen orientation)

    - Android In-App browser (Display links inside of the app)

    - Live Location Tracking (Foreground live location tracking)

    - VCF(vCard) files support

    Bug fixes:

    - Android 13 support (Push Permission)

    - HTML5 fullscreen videos (Android)

    - Reload on rotation (Android)

    - Launch screen not disappears (iOS)

    - WebRTC video & audio streaming (Android)

    - Geolocation permissions (Android)

    - Low-resolution apps crash (Android)

    - Performance stability & improvements


  2. v1.2 (SDK 2)

    New Feature

    Fixes & Improvements (iOS and Android):

    - Fix a Preview Mode, now it applies app styles

    - Fix Android opening external links

    - Fix file uploading on Android

    - Optimization and stability improvements

    - Rename Bubble Plugin Elements from "App" -> "Natively"

    New Feature (iOS + Android):

    - Sharing improvements

    Support of file sharing

    - File downloading

    Download files inside of your application.

    - Camera (Record Video or take a photo)

    Record video and take photos

    - iOS Status Bar

    Added new default style: Hidden status bar

    Change dynamic status bar styles with bubble plugin

    - QR/Bar code scanner

    QR and Bar camera scanner

    - Universal Links (Deeplinking)

    Domain association and deeplinking for Android & iOS


  3. - Submit your app to Testflight

    - One Signal Push Notifications

    - Local Storage

    - Biometrics

    - Geolocation

    - SMS/Email

    - Date Picker

    - Media sharing

    - Open external app/url/settings

    - Show Banner/Toast

    - Request AppStore review